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We put the fun in the bun
Stoysich House of Sausage is a family owned meat market. With over 50 years of business we have committed ourselves to producing a quality product of which we are very proud. The House of Sausage makes over 140 varieties of sausage and processed meats. A mixture of locally raised beef and pork, combined with imported spices, create a product that has become a tradition on the tables of many Midwest families.

The recipes for many of our products have been given to us by our customers. Their large variety of ethnic backgrounds has enabled our products to represent the countries of Poland, Germany, Hungary, Italy, England, Czechoslovakia, Mexico, Greece, Denmark, Sweden, Ireland and the United States. We Invite you to stop by our stores, or browse through our site and enjoy an old fashioned meat market - the type of meat market that many of our ancestors shopped at daily.