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We put the fun in the bun
Jerky/Dry Sticks :
Our Jerky is made from whole muscle sliced meats with our own special blend of spices.

We have over 10 different variaties of dry sticks to choose from each with their own unique flavors.

From mild to hot they're sure to please everyone.


Mild(Beef)- mild and rich in flavor

Hot(Beef)- caution, very hot

Fajita(Beef)- traditional fajita flavor

Teriyaki(Beef)- sweet teriyaki

Ham(Pork)- made with our own ham

Turkey(Turkey)- all breast meat

Dry Sticks:

Apple- sweet apple flavor

Beef- nice and mild, everyone's favorite

Cajun-onion and red pepper

Teriyaki-sweet teriyaki flavor

Italian- nice fennel flavor

Hot Italian- spicy hot

Presky- light garlic summer sausage flavor

Nick-A-Peppa- horse radish and pick-a-pepper sauce

Round Rubin- corned beef with swiss cheese and kraut

Pepperoni- spicy italian flavoring

Polish- bold garlic

Chorizo- spanish flavors with jalepenos