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We put the fun in the bun

We offer a wide variety of lunchmeats cut fresh.

Almost all are made right here in the store.

Summer Sausages:

Bierwurst- beef and pork with a mild beer flavor

German- tangy all beef with back peppercorn

Hungarian- a bold paprika flavor

Jalepeno and Cheddar- mild jalepenos with cheddar

Mettwurst- smokey bacon with beef

Pepperoni- spicy italian flavor

Prasky- beef and pork with a mild garlic flavor


Fresh Liver Sausage

Braunschweiger(Smoked Liver Sausage)

Deli Meats:

Canadian Bacon- smoked pork loin

Capacola- pork butt with sweet hot italian spices

Capri- a pork pastrami

Columbian Ham(New England Ham)- a processed ham

Corned Beef- St. Patricks day favorite

Dried Beef- used to make chipped beef

Gold Medallion Ham- our award winning ham

Krakowska- bold garlic flavor

Minced Ham- like bologna but with ham flavor

Pancetta- rolled bacon with spices

Pastrami- new york style pastrami

Roast Beef- fresh cut medium rare

Rolla Post- lamb, beef and pork, with garlic

Smoked Brisket- real smoked with a great beef flavor

Tasso- ham with onion and red pepper

Gel Loafs:

Head Cheese- tongue cheek and tripe with pepper

Roast Beef Loaf- just like roast beef in a gel loaf

Souse(Hot Head Cheese)- with vinegar and pimentos

Tongue Loaf- pork tongue lunchmeat

Other Lunchmeats:

Pickle and Pimento Loaf

Parma Procuitto

Beef Bologna

Olive Loaf


Smoked Turkey Breast