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We put the fun in the bun
Wild Game Processing:
(We only process wild game, we do not sell it)
Home of State, National, and International Champion Products

Largest Selection of Venison Sausage in Nebraska

Over 40 Years Experience

Deer, Bear, Hogs, and and all kinds of hooved game.

(Fowl is treated differently)

Processing includes: Skinning/Boning/Steaking/Vacuum Packed/Freezing

Deer Processing:

All other game regular fee Plus eighty cents each pound over 100#

Whole carcass animals- deposit.----Boneless meat and trimmings- deposit.

Pay deposit when animal/trimming is dropped off.

(Parts of animals to be process will be charged by % of the whole carcass)

Grind and wrap your meat-sharp freeze:

We suggest adding Beef or Pork to your meat

to make your great meat even tastier

We reserve the right to refuse any meat or animal due to improper care.
Extra charges:

Headless Deer

Save your hide

Cape trophy mount

Skinless animal

Xtra Cleaning

Sausage made from your game animal:

We add 50 % Beef or Pork to your meat and charge for finished product

(Example: With 30 # of your meat, we add 15# of Beef or Pork, you will recieve 45# finished product)

Finished Product Cost Per Pound


Summer-----It's our top choice----------------

Cotto-------Garlic and peppercorn------------

Jalepeno----Cheddar and Jalepenos----------

Polish Fresh----A real treat---------------------

Polish Smoked----Made us famous------------

Italian(Mild or Hot)---Remember Peppers--

Breakfast Links---Everyone enjoys-----------

Weiners----Nebraska's best--------------------

Breakfast Bulk--Make a patty----------------

Brick Chili----All meat---------------------------

Deer Bacon----Sliced in 1# pkgs--------------

Dry Sticks:

Italian-----Our own favorite

Cajun-------Southern flavor

Pepperonie-Just hot enough

Beef------Everyone love's it

Charged by starting weight

(Will shrink in weight by 50% in drying)

Deer Jerky:

Back legs only

Bone-in or boneless

Charged per leg

Your promptness in picking up your order is greatly appreciated by us and your fellow hunters.

Holding charges of $1.00 per day will be added to any order not picked up 7 days after notification.

Any product not picked up within 60 days of notification will be disposed of and reported to state game and parks which may jeopradise your future license.