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We put the fun in the bun
Fresh Smoked Cooked Weiners Specialty


Andouille -with a mild smoky flavor

Beef Breakfast Links- a touch of sage made in all beef

Blueberry - made with real plump blueberries and whipping cream

Bulgarian -just a touch of savory

Boudin - made with rice and pork

Chorizo - south of the border chili taste

Cajun - red pepper, onion and garlic

Cherry - a triple blend of cherries

Cherry Bombs - triple cherries with jalepeno and red pepper

Danish(Medista Polse)- for those that love the taste of onion

Dutch Apple -sweet with apples and cinnamon

English Bangers- a little bit of lemon taste

Greek -17 spices make this a delight

Italian (Mild/Hot/Tomato/Parsley)- the Hot is hot, the Mild is not, and the Tomato or Parsley has sweet romano cheese

Jaternice- traditional bohemian with Marjoram

Jelita - barley blood sausage

Kiski/Blood Kiski- polish liver sausage with buckwheat

Pineapple - makes you think of the islands

Polish - great garlic flavor

Pork Breakfast Links - perfect way to start the day with just the slightest touch of sage

Strawberry -sweet strawberries and whipping cream

Potato Korve - potato and onion

Wisconsin Brats- very mild sausage

Veal Bockwurst - veal with eggs, milk and a hint of citrus