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We put the fun in the bun
Fresh Smoked Cooked Weiners Specialty
Smoked Sausages:

Bacon Cheddar- made with our own smoked bacon and cheddar cheese

Cajun - same as the fresh, only smoked

Cheddarwurst - mild with real cheddar cheese

Danish- asmoked onion sausage

Farmer- our mildest with just salt and pepper, goes well with any topping

Italian- same spice as our mild Italian but in a smoked sausage

Knockwurst- large traditional german delight

Peaches and Cream- made with real peaches and whipping cream

Polish- smokey garlic taste

Mini Polish- abun length smoke Polish

Portugese Linguisa- a sweet sausage with ginger(Hot or Mild)

Raspberry- real juicy raspberries with whipping cream

Ring Bologna- no baloney here, it's the best

Swiss & Jalepeno- made with swiss cheese and just a touch of jalepeno for flavor